Costs of Listing With An Agent in Wichita

If you’re selling Wichita house, never haste when negotiating with an agent make sure you check the numbers first and get to know all of your alternatives. There’s a lot of additional expenses when you choose to list with an agent, more often a direct sell is the most profitable option. Make sure you are well aware of all potential outcomes prior to closing a deal that would confine you with the agent!

Here are just a few of the costs you might encounter when listing with an agent:

Commissions – 6%+ of the final sale price

Commission fees are mostly paid off by the seller. The percentage may change but is usually in the range of 6%. Other than commissions, agents usually have administrative, agent, and notary fees as well.

Inspections – At least a few hundred dollars

Usually, a buyer pays for the inspection that is included in the closing costs, but, as a negotiation method, more sellers are paying this up at their own expense. Once the inspection is finished, any foreseen repairs are agreed upon by the buyer and the seller.

Appraisals – A few hundred dollars

Generally, this will be the accountability of the buyer. In case a buyer is dealing with a lender, the lender will want the home to be appraised prior to the finalization of an agreement. But the appraisal amount can be discussed with, and eventually be paid by the seller.

In other scenarios, appraisals are being completed by sellers as a form of negotiation strategy for a sale. In case an appraisal is performed on your property, make If any appraisal is done on your property, be certain that you have a copy on your records.

Cleaning – $0 to a few hundred

If you’re dealing your home, it must look fresh. The home you’re looking to sell must be tidy. Absolutely clean. You can have thorough cleaning performed on your home or tidy it up yourself inside out. Open houses, surprise viewings, and people dropping by to see the house will want the house to be clean 24/7. In case you have a tight agenda, maintaining an awesome house may need additional assistance. Price may differ base on how big your house is and the type of polishing that they will do. It can be $100 or more per cleaning.

Staging – $0 to a few hundred

Perhaps you may have finished dressing up your house with fresh hand towels, candles, bright colored throw pillows, and carefully chosen house plants. Then that’s well and good. For most of us, furnishing your house with that “straight out of a catalog” appeal requires a bit of effort. This should not be too costly, there are lots of wonderful DIY or look for promos at a big box store. Whatever you do, be sure to make your place clean and intact. In case interior decorating is not your forte, ask assistance from your friends, or look into Pinterest. Some decorations here and there can brighten your place and give that home feeling.

Repairs – Varies

As previously stated, repairs must be discussed by a buyer and a seller., Being a seller, in case repairs are needed you should be the first to take notice, great thing to do is to recognize it and make sure future buyers are aware that you have included these expenses in your asking price. Work with a credit for repairs in that way buyers would have security in buying your house. In case new repairs need to be done after an inspection, these must be resolved and the agreement must happen before the sale is concluded.

Bills While The Home Is On The Market – Varies (Can be hundreds or even thousands!)

Even after you vacated your house while it’s still in the market, the house utilities should still be working. Once you list, you really won’t have an idea when your house will be sold. It may take months! Adding to that, property taxes and homeowners insurance are still your liability until the sale is closed. In case your house will be list on the market for a period of time, (as many do) these bills may accumulate a small fortune!

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